Your Bounce Rate is the Canary in the Coal Mine


At a recent Holiday party, a person came up to me as I was putting an hors d’oeuvre into my mouth, and asked, “Steven, why all the fuss about lowering my Bounce Rate?”
I took the time to chew and swallow as politely as I could, took a deep breath and replied, “John, It’s like the canaries in the coal mine, it’s an indicator things need fixing.”
As he looked at me his nose sorta scrunched up, he rubbed his chin and then a smile spread across his face.
“Oh, I get it,” he said, “a high Bounce Rate tells me, my Landing Pages need to be tweaked to get more leads.”
“Yes, that’s right. Your Bounce Rate is a spot on indicator on how well your website works to convert traffic into leads.”
We sat down at a nearby table and in a 10 minute conversation we addressed several modifications that could cut his Bounce Rate in half and give him more leads.
Check Google Analytics to find out
your Bounce Rate (BR).
If your BR is above 50%, call or email me so we can help you identify areas that with modification, will lower your Bounce Rate and give you more leads.
Simple Math Example:
If your website / Landing Pages have 1,000 visitors / month, and you have a 50% Bounce Rate, your “Net Visitors” are 500 / month.
If you cut your Bounce Rate to 25%, you will have 750 visitors / month.
When you need more leads, we’ll create the right content to help you lower your Bounce Rate.
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Happy New Year!