Yes Virginia, there is . . .

A Bounce Rate for each of your Social Media platforms.

So, you have multiple “Canaries in the Coal Mine” to alert you as to how your Social Media postings help you convert traffic into leads.

When your visitors are interested in a social media post – they click on a link – but when the content does not engage them they leave quickly.

How do you measure and track Bounce Rate for Social Media? You start with Google Analytics as you do for your website.

To get the Bounce Rate for your social traffic, dig further.

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic, then segment by channels. There you will find your Bounce Rate for each social platform. You can sort from high to low to understand which channels need more attention.

How can you lower your Social Media Bounce Rate?

Ensure that your post engages your prospects. Make sure you provide the right content and / or add an engaging Call To Action (CTA).

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