The Way to Find a Sweet 16 Gown is Now the Way of the World

Today’s Way to Find the Ultimate Sweet 16 Gown

My just turned 16 year old niece was shocked to learn that when I was her age there was no Caller ID. “Well, how did you know who was calling you then?”

“I didn’t know who was calling. I had to walk to the phone on the kitchen wall, which had a long cord that let us walk around the kitchen and talk, sort of like you do now.”

“Oh,” she said, “you had a tethered phone.” That is when I realized I was having a conversation with someone from a different generation . . . a different planet.

The way we communicate today is way beyond a wall phone. Today, we talk, text, skype, email, messenger, facetime and tweet on a device that is smaller than the $70 calculator we used in high school.

Since Al Gore, or whomever created the Internet, access to information has increased beyond the imagination of any of us Baby Boomers.

Pundits say the Internet has empowered the consumer to gain knowledge to help them make a purchasing decision on everything from cars, meals, homes and a Sweet 16 gown.

In preparation for my niece’s Sweet 16 gala (unlike those we had decades ago growing up in Long Beach) she spent hours “shopping” on Pinterest, Google, Etsy and others to find just the right ensemble for her big event.

The benefit is that consumer empowerment – both B2B and B2C – has drastically altered the buying and selling of all goods and services, which has left many companies scrambling to catch up and convert from outbound to Content Marketing.

To find just the right dress my niece did not read an ad, a magazine or catalogue. She conducted a series of searches on specific digital and social media platforms finding Content that engaged her specific needs – and ultimately led her to a swanky couture that created a stunning gown that befits her gorgeous look.

She will surely be the belle of the ball.

Consumers are actively searching on online. In response, companies must create Content that directs their future customers to their Landing Page or website. The more engaging their Content, the higher the conversion rate.

Just like my niece, who found the most wonderful gown. One in which she will look dazzling in a photo I’m looking forward to sharing with her in a few weeks.

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