The Holidays: Time to Hit the Reset Button

These last two weeks of the year provide a moment to slow down, take a deep breath and hit the reset button.

On the personal front, you may be welcoming your college student home for an extended stay, if so, your refrigerator will seem to magically empty on its own.  Except it’s not Penn & Teller, but rather your home for the Holidays student.

At work, it’s a chance to stop and review just which parts of your marketing engaged your prospects that led to more sales.

This can easily be done with visits to Google Analytics and the Dashboard of the Social Media platforms on which you posted Content in 2017.

After you analyze the metrics you use to measure your tactics’ effectiveness, compare them to your 2016 results.  Hopefully, your 2017 numbers are higher than the previous year.

If not, a change in strategy might be in order – before you start to implement your 2018 tactics.

A more targeted strategy will help you craft laser focused tactics that will better engage your prospects that will result in higher conversions.

So if needed, go out to Costco or local food store, before the crowds, and stock up the fridge.  And in between, think about how you can better identify your target audience which will help you develop a well defined strategy.

If you believe you need to hit the strategy reset button, call me to take the first step to a more targeted strategy that will help your 2018 tactics.

Happy Holidays!