One Last Thing Before the New Year

As the political pundits look back on just how Donald Trump became the USA’s 45th president, this is a good time for you to conduct a Marketing Audit to determine what Tactics worked best – and not so good to help you gain market share in 2016.

The Donald used a laser focused marketing campaign that did not reach out to the “Blue” states and targeted the key swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

When we help companies like yours to conduct a Marketing Audit, the results often times suggest a change in Strategy rather than Tactics.

This Landing Page for the Table Server reflects just such an example.

The company had spent significant advertising dollars to promote their teak wood, fold flat with built in cup holders table as a traditional in-home end table.

Based on our Marketing Audit, we suggested they focus on the boater and RV markets, for which their table’s features / benefits were better suited.

The result was a big increase in sales that depleted their inventory.

If you believe you need a change in Market Strategy, let’s talk before the end of the year.