My First Time

Hot summer days always bring back many memories.

Like the first time I rode my red Schwinn bike on my own.  

My mom held the back of the rock like bicycle seat in her still young hands with bright red nail polish and still shiny wedding ring on her left hand.

I awkwardly climbed up the old Schwinn my parents had bought from the kid down the block who grew six inches over the winter and needed a bigger bike. 

My mother held the back of the hard bicycle seat in her right hand and began to walk at first, and slowly built up speed so that after about half the length of a football field she was cantering as I continued to peddle.  And then I was free of her grasp.  I was on my own. 

I peddled faster and faster as I heard the waves break, hidden behind the Long Beach boardwalk that would meet its match in Sandy five decades later.

So, I continued to peddle, not only on the straight aways, but also carefully maneuvering around the three corners that lay in my way on my first solo around the block.

As I made the last turn into the home stretch I could see my mom jumping up and down yelling, “GO STEVEN, YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT!”

And as I rode closer to my house I realized that I never learned how to stop a bike that I was riding!  And then I saw my mother extend her hands out to me.  It was a comforting sight to see at the end of my maiden voyage. 

I remember one hand grabbed the handlebar and the other on the back of the seat.  Those hands gently brought me back to earth.  A world that had been forever changed by my five minute journey.


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Make new memories this summer.