Lower Bounce Rate = More Sales

“Build It and They Will Come” is a line from a movie about a baseball field in the middle of an Iowa cornfield.
This famous quote also relates to your website – with an added caveat, “How Long Will They Stay”.
If your website’s attracting visitors – but many stay less than 10 seconds, you’re losing leads – which means you’re losing sales.
Google Analytics tracks your website’s Bounce Rate(percentage of visitors who stay <10 seconds).
If your Bounce Rate is above 25% you’re losing too many prospects that can convert to customers.
The longer they stay, the more likely they are to develop a trust for your company and your value proposition.
The Strategic Marketing Works team is the solution to keep your prospects engaged on your website.
Our strategic process identifies your target audience(s) so we can create the right content to engage your prospects and convert them into customers.
Our complimentary Content Audit will reveal your Bounce Rate and boost your conversion of prospects to customers.
To lower your Bounce Rate call us @ 631.539.2084.
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P.S. We will create the right content to get you more sales.