If You Build it . . .


I like Field of Dreams, it’s one of my favorite movies.

But, the reality is that, “Build It and They Will Come” works only in the movies and not with your website and Landing Pages.

Just because you built a cool and functional website, does not mean that your prospects will flock to your new URL.

Building it is only half of the equation.

To get your future customers there takes planning, strategizing and implementation.

A key part of the formula is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the foundation of a Content Marketing program.

SEO is based on keywords, with the trend gravitating towards long tail keywords.

WTF are long tail keywords you ask?

Long tail keywords are consumer’s more sophisticated approach to doing a Google, ok Bing too, search. Prospects who type in phrases (long tail keywords) are regarded as being further along in their search and accordingly have a good idea what they’re looking for.

For ideas on long tail keywords that will work for you, type a phrase in the search bar you believe would be right for your company.

Then, after finding your company listing, proceed to the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and you’ll see “Related Searches” some of them could become your long tail keywords, if not already.

With regard to your website, you should optimize each element on each website page to get the most organic visibility as possible.

An important piece to help you, is the proper use of Title Tags.

They are the first touch point on the SERP. I suggest that you use your long tail keywords in the beginning, since Google limits the number of characters, which if you run over the limit, your Title Tag will be cut short.

For other suggestions on how to get more people to your website and engage your Content, If You build itmail me steven@smwmarketingny.com .