How to Get More Sales in an Upside World

In between washing my hands and working on my second jigsaw puzzle, I have had multiple conversations with current, former and future clients about how to market their products and services in the Coronavirus World.
The consistent themes of these discussions
have been:
1. Tweak existing marketing strategy.
2. Focus on stability. In a world turned upside down, consumers need stability and will be drawn to a company that offers such.
3. Create new Calls to Action (CTA) that offer helpful and informative Content that will lead to sales.
As companies reduce their sales staff, they will look to rely on more laser focused Content to serve as their digital salesperson.
I suggest a strategic approach that features the right integration of target audience, social media and offer.
When you correctly identify all three and then create a strategic message on closely monitored platforms, you will experience positive results.
Alvin Toffler in his The Third Wave, published in 1980, proposed that the next “Wave” after the Industrial Revolution, will be led by modernized information and communication processes that will become the driving force of social evolution.
I, like you, have had more video meetings in the past two weeks than I had in total, prior to March 1st.
40 years later, it appears Mr. Toffler was spot on.
Since March 11, when the WHO officially announced the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have all laid low protecting ourselves and our families and practiced social distancing and self quarantine.
If the USA reopens around Easter as our President recently suggested, you need to be ready for the new normal.
Sales are the lifeblood of your business.
The way to gain and maintain your company’s sales, is to offer your prospects and customers Content focused on stability and to showcase your empathy in a Brave New World, as we all try to move on with our lives, in a day by day way.
Those who don’t maintain sales in these tough times, will struggle to survive.
Your Content needs to drive people to buy.
Call us @ 631.539.2084 so we can help set you up in our post Pandemic Society to get you more sales.
Stay safe.