How SEO Can Get You More Sales

Online searches have come a long way from when we sat at a computer and typed in one word searches i.e., Restaurant . . . movies . . . hotel.
Today most searches are done on a phone / tablet and the trend is toward Long Tail Keywords, which refers to a phrase that indicates precisely what a user has typed into Google.
Long Tail Keywords make up 70% of all search traffic. They are typed in by more qualified prospects who are not just doing research – they’re ready to buy.
The question I hear often is, “What is the best SEO Content Strategy?”
The answer has several parts:
Research; Initially it’s not just keywords. It’s about defining your Brand’s purpose and understanding your audience.
Take this combined knowledge to create Content and make it irresistible for your readers and search engines.
Google; AKA the 800 lb. gorilla. The best SEO strategy is not to try to trick Google. Rather, you should deliver valuable Content on a consistent basis.
Create focused Content that people actually like. Your SEO Content Strategy should be to answer questions – especially in response to the significant growth in Voice Search which is predominantly questions.
Google Tools; Google Search Console helps you look at your monthly traffic volume and how many clicks your Content receives in organic search results.
Google Trends reveals high volume queries similar to your Long Tail Keywords.
Hacks; The better SEO Optimized business websites receive 75% of its traffic from organic search.
To help your site, make sure all relevant pages are being indexed and that your website is not blocked from search engine robots. Make sure each of your core products / services has its own optimized pages.
Google changes its search algorithms hundreds of times / year, so it is essential that you stay current with your SEO. Do not fall into the “set it and forget” mindset.
Google is no dummy. They want advertisers and searchers to get the best possible results. That is why they place high quality Content at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
FYI – The bottom of each SERP page provides a list of potential Long Tail Keywords for you to incorporate into your list.
Create great Content and optimize for the right Long Tail Keywords. Consider how your site appears on a mobile platform and monitor your website and mobile site speed.
Do that and you’re on your way to a well-optimized website that will generate more quality leads, which will have a higher conversion rate.
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