How Do You Measure Up?

In a recent new business meeting, my prospect asked, “How do you measure Content Marketing?”

I replied that there are many options, first and foremost Google Analytics. Google provides this free tool to show many aspects of just how your Content Marketing is doing to help you measure your ROI.

In addition, each Social Media platform i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat provide easy to use and understand tools that help you measure your results, so that you can tweak your programs to get more sales.

I suggest to clients when they first use a new platform that they conduct an A/B test that offers different Calls to Action and different Headlines.

Just a slight change in either one can enhance your results. This is a lot different than doing a split test with Direct Mail, since there is no additional printing and postage costs associated with doing one or more A/B tests.

If you’re ready to take your First Step in Content Marketing, let’s schedule a meeting, where I can learn more about your Target Audience(s) so that I can suggest options on how you can efficiently reach and engage your future customers.