How Can Mr. Potato Head Help Your Marketing Strategy?


How can a toy invented in 1949 and first distributed by Hasbro three years later help you succeed in 2018?

What started as a set of plastic parts with push pins to be stuck in a potato, can be the model for your successful 2018 Content Marketing Strategy.

The term “Target Audience” has been replaced in the digital marketing space with a more personal designation that represents the narrow focus Content Marketing and Social Media afford contemporary marketers like yourself.


Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona has replaced that broad reaching phrase that was a central theme to Rosser Reeves, David Ogilvy and other marketing legends of the Mad Men era.

A Buyer Persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real time data gleaned from your customers.

Similar to Mr. Potato Head, a lot goes into constructing a buyer persona; demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and goals.  The more details (read data) you have about your customers the greater insight your company will have.

I mean, just imagine how incomplete Mr. Potato Head would be with just a nose . . . one ear . . . or no moustache.

A detailed buyer persona will help you create a laser focused strategy that will allow you to determine where and how to invest your marketing spend, that will create higher levels of engagement that will deliver higher conversion rates that will lead to more sales.

We have helped companies create Buyer Personas that were carefully designed right down to the clothes they wore . . . the food they ate . . . and the hobbies in which they participated.

If you want an edge that will boost your next year’s marketing program – let’s create your company’s Buyer Persona.

When we have a better understanding of your customer’s attributes, we’ll be able to create tailored Content with which they will engage at high levels.  And well, you know the rest of the story.

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If we do not speak soon, Happy Holidays!

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