Here’s My Zen Experience. What’s Your’s?

I’m just past the halfway mark of my 25th season as a High School Varsity football official.
When I put on the black and white striped shirt for the first time, I did not think about how long my officiating career would last.
I was excited to be on the field and be part of a crew that would work a game, protected by the white sidelines from the outside world.
For me, each of my 12 games / season are a zen type of experience.
Beginning with our pre-game breakfast at the diner nearest the home team’s school, pre-game meeting in the locker room and the game itself, along with our post game, which includes a beverage, is about six hours.
For that entire time my cellphone is safely stashed away in my car.
I feel when I put on those stripes, it frees me from the mundane and I feel like I’m disconnected from the outside world. It’s truly liberating.
Recently, Suffolk County High Schools made their football game tapes available to the officials via the HUDL website.
The video review of each game has helped us refine our mechanics and confirm that our “Safe & Obvious” philosophy contributes to a well officiated game.
Just as my crew has improved by taking a close look at our performance, you can improve your marketing when you take a close look at your marketing tactics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
Do your social media posts, trade shows, digital / print ads, press releases and other tactics deliver an ROI?
We recommend a close look – year over year – at your Google Analytics.
The results will show what works and what needs to be refined. Often times, it presents new opportunities.
If deciphering the Analytics seems too daunting a task, we’ll help you translate Google Analytics so you get real time data, to help you improve your marketing and get a higher Conversion Rate.
To translate your Google Analytics,
call us @ 631. 539.2084.
Happy Halloween!