Google Earth

Google Earth

It happened three months ago, the last day before you had to put on a coat of some sort.  Because the days had become shorter and the temperature had dropped lower.

Margie and I realized this could be our last ride until Spring, as we hopped (maybe too strong a word) on our bike, actually I was borrowing her husband’s bike which seemed to be a good fit from the start.

I followed Margie as we whizzed our way through our cute little town, sometimes between a FedEx truck and the parked car on Montauk Hwy in front of what is to be transformed into a theater with Broadway grade performances.

As we waited by the tennis courts for the passing cars, we noticed an odd looking thing atop a small car emblazoned with a Google Earth logo along its entire side as it passed us by. Three months later Margie finds us on Google Earth when she drives by the very spot in which she and I will live in infamy.

The new year started with one less family member.  My mother in law passed away during that funky week between Christmas and New Years, when half the world is off and the other half, well they’re slogging it out, maybe trying to use the slow time to get caught up with expense reports and maybe reach out to a former client to see how they’re doing and ask if you could help them once again.

She was a great lady.  If at the outset, we could all sign up for 92 good years, I think a lot of us would, if we could.

The fact that my religion was different from her family’s was not a matter.  My wife was one of three middle schoolers when my mother in law’s husband (if felt odd to call him my father in law) passed away suddenly.

My wife said from the first time we met, enough years ago that our next anniversary will qualify us to be included on the newspaper (and probably website) page of anniversary photos with a nice descriptive caption i.e., that they’re off to Machu Picchu and then return for their grandson’s early graduation from Harvard).  Oh yeah, my gorgeous wife always told me that I looked like her father.  After seeing pictures of the man who gave me my wife, I can see how she can say that.

My wife picked up the phone last night and then caught herself when she realized the person she expected to pick up the phone on the other end is no longer there.  And that was a tough moment, to watch tears well up in her big brown beautiful eyes when she realized her gracious loving mom would not be a push on a cell phone button.

There will be few bike rides until around St. Patrick’s Day, where then we’ll need to weave in and around all the revelers who come to the many watering holes that line the narrow Babylon downtown streets.

2018 will be what we make of it.  Yes, there will be luck, both good and bad, as there will be good and bad times.  My mother in law’s motto, “Live Life” rings true even more so in her passing.

Happy New Year.