Content Marketing Strategy. They Asked Me and I Said . . .

After last week’s presentation, several people came up to me to discuss the components of a Content Marketing Strategy.

They wanted to better understand the elements of a Content Marketing Strategy so they could improve their tactics.

So, the four of us each poured a cup of coffee and sat down around a table for what developed into a lively discussion.

I started the conversation asking,
“What are your Content Marketing goals?”
After some back and forth, the consensus was, “to increase engagement / nurture prospects through the sales process.”
Next, I asked,
“What are the metrics / Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you’ll measure?

The initial suggestion was Social Media “Likes”, but the more we kicked this around, there was less focus on this once key criteria.

The metrics that generated the most excitement were: shares, (video) views, ebook / whitepaper downloads, Blog / Social Media comments, website traffic, Bounce Rate.

We soon realized that this was a topic worthy of more discussion at a later date.

My next question, was a logical next step,
“How will you determine Content Marketing success?
I suggested you should first establish a baseline. Find out what your 2017 numbers were for: impressions, clicks, views, Bounce Rate.
This will help you develop reasonable 2018 goals. The group of coffee drinkers came up with different numbers, based on their industry, but they seemed comfortable with moving the needle 25%.

They all agreed that an increase in each of these numbers would generate quality leads with higher conversion rates.

As time was running out, my final question was,
“How will you make your Content different from your competitors?”
The initial suggestion was that they would tell a story.

Another stated they’d sell the benefits not the features.

And then the last member of our post presentation coffee klatch suggested the heart of a Content Marketing Strategy.

They would no longer create self-serving Content, which does nothing for the audience.

The person, whose answer intrigued me, continued to say, we’ll create Content that will help our prospects be better at their jobs and enjoy a better quality of life.

This is the essence of Content Marketing.

This becomes your company’s Mission and serves as the base from which your Content is created.

In this approach, you no longer are a seller of a product or service. Instead, you transform your company into a viable resource for companies and people who also happen to need what you sell.

A paradigm shift that will pay dividends for a long time.

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All the best,