Sectors of the world have evolved faster than others.

The reasons are many and I will not list them here.

But when people realize – and appreciate – that progress comes from Change, they seem to resist it less and embrace it more.

With the Las Vegas massacre now the USA’s largest mass killing, the country’s two polar opposite sides on the Second Amendment issue, gun control, et al. seem on the verge of digging their heels into the sand with little hope for Change.

The Red States say this is a time for healing, not on whether a non combat citizen can have an arsenal of automatic weapons capable of killing people from over four football fields away.

The Blue States say there’s no better time than the present.

And thus the standoff continues.

Coddled by the NRA and supported by its’ millions of dollars thrown their way during elections, pro gun candidates speak in NRA’ese sound bites and repeat the mantra, “The Democrats want to take away our rights given to us in the Second Amendment. What happens if they win? Then they’ll go after the rest of the Bill of Rights and then what kind of Nation will we become?”

It strikes me that the Second Amendment was drated in 1791 when militias were the norm. It’s time to tweak a 226 year old statute and bring it into the 21st Century.

Every freakin’ time I hear this explanation I think back on the parents of those young students slaughtered in the Newton school . . . the families and friends of revelers at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on. These regularly non scheduled American incidents will go on and on, until there is Change.

Only until we as a country, Red, Blue, White, Black embrace the need that the USA should follow the lead of the rest of the World’s industrialized countries and outlaw automatic rifles that can shoot – and kill people – at a rapid clip, will Congress and the President, the people who make new gun laws become the agents of Change our country so needs.

More Americans have been killed by guns within the United States in the last 10 years than on the blood stained sands of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria – combined.

Be a Change agent.

Let’s keep automatic rifles out of the hands of the next Stephen Paddock.