A Case for a Case Study

As we begin to help a new client develop a Content Marketing Program it gives me an opportunity to share with you the initial steps.

The first three:

  1. Target Audience – identify the heavy purchaser, then secondary customer(s).
  2. Current Strategy – Your approach to prospects, retain / upsell customers.
  3. Competitive Analysis –Identify competitors, especially newcomers and their strategy.

Today’s overwhelmed consumer is pushing back against marketing messages and are trending to trust reviews and testimonials way more than traditional advertising methods.

This subtle shift presents a significant chance for a company like yours to leverage prospects’ searching for Content to influence their purchase.

And when you don’t have to toot your own horn, the better.

For this client we determined a Case Study, from the perspective of an enamored customer, could showcase our client’s value they bring to help solve a specific situation.

What better way to reach and engage prospects that have a yearning to learn just what “value” does your company have to offer?

6 Step Case Study Outline

1–What problem did they have?

2–What solutions did they look at and ultimately reject?

3–Why did they choose you as the solution?

4–How did they implement our solution?

5–How is the customer using our product now?

6–What results / new benefits  have they attained with it?

After the Case Study is complete, we’ll develop a distribution program that uses select platforms to engage the target audience(s).

When you believe a Case Study could help you engage prospects, call me, I can help you 631.539.2084.

Enjoy the sunshine!