PUT YOUR HORSE BEFORE THE CART: strategy before tactics

I recently met with a prospective client, who during our introductory meeting was ready to put the cart before the horse.
He had an idea for a slogan and the chotzkes he wanted to buy.  But when I asked him what was his Brand and how his firm was unique from his competitors, it was clear that we would have some work to do.
He graciously let me share my point of view that it was imperative to conduct a Competitive Analysis which would help to define his Brand, which would then help the effectiveness of his marketing program.
He understood what I meant about putting the cart before the horse with regard to putting together a series of ads without doing our homework to discover his Brand. We agreed to work together and we’re going to start with an analysis of his recent marketing materials and compare them against his competitors.  The result will be a higher ROI on his company’s Fall marketing campaign.