Before You Start – STOP!

Before you commit to your first dollar . . . first Blog . . . first email campaign for next year – STOP!

Take a breath, along with a step back to find out which Content worked this year and which Content gets little or no engagement.

Our 24 Step Content Marketing Audit System helps companies like yours to get a Benchmark that will provide a basis point, and in the process help your marketing become more efficient and more effective in 2018.

If your Bounce Rate goes down from 60% to 10% (see my Linkedin Profile – Recommendations) you will engage more prospects that will convert to more customers.

The process is painless – I promise.

Our Audit will help you decide where to reinvest your marketing spend and where to reduce it. With that added insight your Content Marketing will be more targeted . . . create greater engagement . . . and generate more quality leads.

So, before you allocate your 2018 marketing budget, Stop and take the time to determine how to make your Content engage more prospects so you gain more customers.

To find out more about our Content Marketing Audit system, call me @ 631.539.2084.

Good luck in 2018!