A Team For You

I remember the first team I was on.

Way back when I was nine. A Pee Wee football team adorned in black jerseys, oversized shoulder pads, white helmet and white knickers. We practiced at the Long Beach Recreation fields at night. Being right next to the bay it got pretty cold and windy on some of those late season practices.

I remember Mr. Weiner teaching us how to block, tackle and hold the ball after I received a handoff. It was heady stuff that would fuel a passion that would keep me on the field (albeit in a striped shirt) to this day.

Today, I’m on a different team creating moments that in the future I will look back on and smile. We don’t have a coach, but we are each well established in our respective field.

I was just pat of a live studio audience for the Social Media Association’s “Harnessing the Power of Video and Live Streaming”. Beth Granger served as the moderator for this live / digital event that appeared on the large screens, sort of like “Hollywood Squares”.

Beth showcased her extensive BLAB knowledge as she flawlessly led a 1.5 hour discussion on the latest way to create high levels of engagement with this exciting new medium.

To get the link to this BLAB event please call or email me.

She did not ask if anyone in the audience had seen her on the cover of last week’s Long Island Business News.

Google Changes SERP Page Format

Juan Vides, recently shared with me that many of the people he meets at networking events are not sure how their SEO is doing to generate sales leads.

He asks them when was their most recent SEO Audit – of their company AND their competitors. The answer is often – not recently.

With Google changing their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) format, this is an important time to maximize your SEO so that you can get leads.

In the spirit to keep up with my teammates, I am humbled to announce that I have been appointed to the Long Island Visual Professionals’ (LIVP) Advisory Board.

This organization has 400+ creative members who live and work right here on Long Island.

If you have a need for leads, I suggest you speak with my team to see how we can help you get more wins than last year.