8 Content Suggestions to Create Engagement on Social Media

Eight Types Of Social Media Posts To Share — Other Than Company News

As seen in Forbes Mar 26, 2018,



Smart modern brands know that an active, engaging social media presence is critical for content marketing success. But when you don’t have company news or promotions to share, it can be tough to come up with fresh, interesting content.

This is where you need to get creative: Your social media content has to be aligned with your brand voice and values, but if it feels forced or over the top, it will turn your followers off.

  1. Refreshed And Repackaged Content That Has Performed Well

You should always be posting something new, even if it’s not brand new content, so that your audience sees that your company’s voice is beating strong. See what older content did well, and make updates to the text, images and links. Repost on your site and push out on social as new content. This solves your no-news problem and gives your audience more of what they already want from you.

  1. Stories About Social Causes And Behind-The-Scenes Moments

We all have friends who love talking about themselves — the ones who need to one up everyone else. So it goes for social media. Instead of company news, consider sharing philanthropies and causes, backstories behind your brand and people, and the cool things your people do outside of the office. Bring ideas your audience wants to engage with.

  1. Guest Content

When our organization is lacking content, or in the process of creating new content, we share industry news and interesting tidbits of data that are relevant for our users. We have also had guest bloggers and content contributors share their newsworthy items to keep our social stream interesting and informative.

  1. Shared Content From Customers And Industry Players

Use your news feed to scratch some backs. Comment on and share relevant posts from your social buddies out there such as distributors, customers and other industry organizations. Show some love for their content and there’s a good chance they will reciprocate and boost your visibility even when you don’t have anything new to say.

  1. Content That Promotes Your Company’s Values

Create content that promotes the philosophy of your company. Showcase the value it places on its employees. Share inspiration that drives your company’s vision. Use best-in-class photography, video content and behind-the-scenes looks. Highlight departments, new employees and interviews with employees. Ask them what they are most proud of in life. Being real and authentic creates engagement.

  1. Follower Engagement And Conversational Posts

Your brand should always be engaging with your followers and customers via social media. If you’re only focused on pushing out content and getting engagement when you are launching a new product, update or service, then you aren’t focusing on all the other opportunities and time for when you can build loyalty through consistent engagement and conversation.

 7. Lead-Generating Content That Your Audience Wants To See

Content is king. When there is not much external company news to share, then the best idea is to create content that your audience is interested in and promote it through social media channels. This not only keeps your online presence active but also gives you assets for lead generation.

  1. Response Pieces To Timely Industry News

Even without timely news specific to your company, you can find reports, analyses and updates from other industry leaders to which you can respond. Find an article that inspires you to engage and write a contextual blog post that adds your perspective. You’ll create a conversation rather than just a broadcast, reinforcing your own expertise while you contribute to the community.