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    Analytics, execution, optimization

    Marketing is going through a period of rapid and significant evolution. With it comes the ability to deliver more targeted and relevant communication which provides opportunities for increased customer engagement, increased customer loyalty and an increase in customer intelligence.

    The SMW Marketing Team helps clients to create a well-balanced, holistic technology portfolio that addresses analytics, execution, and optimization. We aim to streamline processes, resources and technology assets and integrate them into a unified solution when possible.

    First and foremost we will work with you to develop a broad arching strategy from which to direct the tools, organization, processes and measurement capabilities that are necessary to succeed in a fragmented marketing ecosystem.

  • Should your marketing strategy stay the same or should it change?

    How do you know? A good rule of thumb to use: Does your current Brand give you marketplace advantage over your competitors?


    Put Your Horse in Front of the Cart

    Our Strategic Marketing Worksheet will help you determine the readiness of your organization to develop a brand culture that your team will understand and be able to deliver.

    The completed worksheet comes with one hour of complimentary consultation to help you initially decide where to focus efforts to discover your company’s culture.


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